Delina Dimova - lifecoach who knows energy and shadow work

About Delina

My name is Delina Dimova. I have always been a bright, light person, always smiling and looking naughty. I was sent to a European school when I was nine years old, and it’s around that time that I started dancing. My journey to independence began when I was three years old, I let go of my mum’s hand and simply wandered off.

My first experience of international travel was a trip to Germany for a dancing competition, where my assembly won the gold cup. We also travelled to Turkey and Ukraine as well as making return visits to Germany over the following years. I first traveled on my own when I was 11 years old, and headed to the seaside to visit my friend. After six years of competitive dancing and growing up to become an A-Level student, I moved to England to be with my parents.I arrived in England when I was sixteen and was immediately enrolled in school. I studied at the Sir Christopher Hatton School, Wellingborough before deciding to take a year out prior to studying for my Bachelor’s Degree at Bournemouth University.

I studied Psychology and Computing, graduating in 2009. I spent a few years working in elderly care setting with some very vulnerable people, before setting out on my travels around India, Africa and America. Having recently acquired my NLP licenses I am now finally able to be the Creative Consciousness® coach I always knew I wanted to be, ever since I graduated from university. So far my life journey has taken me to all kinds of places and provided me with many unique experiences, even before being awarded my coaching diploma!

The most recent description of me is this one:

‘’There is a shower of love – of playfulness and high vibrational energy,of joy and passion. Delina has the ability to make things happen – you just go and do it! She has faith in people while remaining grounded and radiant. She has the willingness to take the coachee on a journey and is not afraid to challenge other people or to give new perspective. She has a willingness to face it all’’

I have had a pretty amazing life journey thus far, smiling all the way and trusting in everyone I come into contact with. I live and breath the joy of being alive each and every day. I like to play, I like to explore and I like to dare people.

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