Coaching call with Delina - pick between prayer and scream call

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What is your inner voice telling you? Can you hear it? Many people can’t and they are missing out on so much!

Being able to listen to what the Self is trying to tell you opens the door to some truly magical moments which are currently being missed.

Do you want to scream out loud or produce a whispered roar? Either is fine — and we can begin with a FREE 20-minute Coaching Call.

The Prayer Call

As a result of a 20 minute coaching call you will be able to feel an immediate shift of energy. You are able to share your insights, whisper your deepest desires and awaken the real you. The call is free of charge and gives you an incredible opportunity to embrace change.

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The Scream Call

Do you need to scream to make your Self heard? Scream your heart out to me in a free 20 minute coaching call and realise the power that comes from such a release. After the call you are guaranteed to be present and in the moment, and more alive than ever!

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