Self-study program with personal coaching from Delina

How to Discover & Love Your Inner Voice and as a result Start Experiencing Aliveness, Success in All Aspects of Life!

Once You Start Living from a Place of Inner Wisdom, Your Productivity at Work Will Increase, Your Resistance to Success Will Decrease and Your Personal Levels of Happiness & Joy Will Soar!

It is true that people don’t achieve next level success by accident. They worked hard to get there. Most people who find greater success do so because they are high achievers, know themselves to be ambitious and understand how to best use the qualities that they possess. At some point in their life the right circumstances arose, and they had the confidence to step forward and seize success because they knew from deep down inside that they wouldn’t fail.

Does that sound like you right now? Are you aware of your inner self? Are you confident of what you can accomplish?

Or do you feel out of touch with your inner voice? Which in turn causes you to feel isolated and unsure of the path you should be on?

Well, if you currently feel the latter I want you to know that there is a simple six step process that you can take that will quickly and easily allow you to begin hearing your inner voice loud and clear.

This process will also strengthen your self-esteem and help you manage stress, decrease anxiety and depression and increase happiness. It will also allow you to become healthy in mind, body and spirit and begin to live with more purpose, meaningfulness and abundance!

Delina Dimova

Take a Look at What This Simple Process Has Done for These People:

  • One lady, a career advisor, became lost when she was rejected by a man she had fallen in love with. I helped her listen to her Self, feel her emotions and own them. A year later she is on top of the world having started her own business and being happily involved in a beautiful, romantic relationship.
  • A business analyst lost his Mum, which led him to de-clutter her old possessions and go through old paperwork. He discovered that the man he thought was his father was not actually his father – which was something his inner voice had been telling him all along. Now he is trusting fluidly in his inner wisdom and not only is he now a successful self-employed business consultant, but he is also in contact with his real father.
  • A female airplane pilot learned to come clean and be super real with herself. This allowed her to break free from loneliness and isolation and find the life partner she has always wanted.
  • Another lady – a mother, wife, an ordinary warehouse operative, a grandmother and a dearly loved daughter suffered a spinal cord injury and found herself unable to walk for six months. The six step process gradually taught this powerful woman to take things one step at a time instead of getting lost in self-pity. Today she is almost fully recovered.

These are just a few of many success stories that I’ve personally witnessed. You could be next! The first step toward living your own success story is to read the rest of this page now! So please get comfortable and keep reading, what you learn is going to surprise and excite you.

Introducing the Playful Way to Self-Love – The Six Step Process to The Self & Feeling Alive!

Hello, my name is Delina Dimova and I graduated in 2009 from Bournemouth University where I studied Psychology and Computing.

While I was studying, I worked as a playworker with primary school kids. Then I had a desire to work with elderly people so I worked in elderly care for two years. After that I wanted to work with adults, which led me to me working two years as a support worker with alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless people, abusers and mental health patients.

It was during this period in my life that I attended a two-day course on coaching and I absolutely loved it.

I came away buzzing, thinking this is it! This is what my life’s calling is. I just knew in my heart and it is that same knowledge, that same feeling that I want to teach you how to experience in my Playful Way to Self-Love Program.

Imagine having a strong grasp on who you are and what you want to do. Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do to be happy and successful.

The knowledge becomes readily apparent when you learn to truly know your inner self and hear your inner voice.

It’s now been six years since I graduated and I have coached thousands of people through the six steps that make up the Playful Way to Self-Love.

Here is just some of what the program reveals:

  • The single most important question you need to answer when searching for your true self – answering this question will put you on the fast track to success!
  • How to tell quickly and easily whether your talents are being misapplied – what you learn here may surprise you!
  • What you absolutely must know in order to understand your true self – you’ll be amazed at how much clearer everything becomes when you know this one thing!
  • How to determine what you are best suited to do – you can’t possibly hope to be happy and achieve success unless you know this!
  • Why school is inadequate in helping you discover your true self – and what you can do away from school to discover it … fast!
  • How to achieve self discovery in six easy steps – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple steps!
  • The ‘bus stops’ that we all must visit in order to start hearing our inner voice!
  • How to foster self-reliance and independence while playfully transitioning step by easy step to fully hearing The Self!
  • How to begin trusting that your own inner universe will be there for you and provide for you going forward!
  • How to build a sense of Self that is resilient, lovable, empowering and alive – and how to avoid being a ‘decision making machine’ who is unavailable for emotions!
  • How to stop being a ‘people pleaser’ and instead start identifying your own needs and wants so that you can achieve a balance that results in true happiness!
  • The three levels of listening to your inner voice and how to excel at all three!
  • How to de-clutter so that you open up space for you to really hear old memories and experiences, and in doing so return to The Self – do this right and you will gather your wits, discover who you are and start creating an even better future!
  • How to start ‘flirting with yourself’ so that you develop strong inner self-confidence and a real enthusiasm for the future!
  • How to achieve ‘simplicity’ so that you can continue to hear your inner voice as life swirls around you and attempts to distract you!
  • And much more!

I received life coaching from Delina in the latter part of 2015 as I wasn’t coping with life & felt unmotivated.

I had no expectations of receiving any benefits from life coaching. My attitude was “What harm can it do ? Let’s give it a try.”

I was pleasantly surprised to find that little by little my self belief & motivation was returning to me .
Delina created a safe space where growth could take place.

Overall an extrodinary process where we were able to explore my personal blocks , emotions & reasons for procastionation.

Whilst writing this I have realised I could use a top up session with Delina & I strongly recommend you give it a go too as you have more to gain than to loose.

Donna Matthews

Counsellor Dip BSC(Hons) Psychology, United Kingdom

This Program is Your Chance to Discover Your Inner Self & Get on the Fast Track to Personal & Professional Success!

The simple truth is self-knowledge is as essential for your success as it is for a navigator to know his own latitude and longitude before he ventures out into the ocean.

If you don’t continue to examine yourself and what you are good at doing and what interests you, you will never learn where your special skills lie and you won’t be able to take advantage of them to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed about.

Why Continue to Muddle Through Life … When You Could Thrive?

Too many people today are OK with struggling through life, never experiencing the success and happiness that is right there within their reach.

These people regularly deal with stress and anxiety and disappointment but don’t take the necessary steps to prevent these things from dominating their lives.

These people are content with living paycheck to paycheck and never having the time or money to do what they really want.

Well, I’m here today to tell you that that type of life is no life at all … especially when you could easily experience so much more.


Just imagine living a life that is

  • Filled with happiness
  • Filled with love
  • Filled with purpose
  • Filled with career success
  • Filled with good health

Just imagine living a life that is

  • Free of stress
  • Free of worry
  • Free of anxiety
  • Free of depression and sadness

Well, it’s all possible when you sign up for The Playful Way to Self-Love.

How It Works

The Playful Way to Self-Love is a six week process that will teach you essentially how to move from rigid trust to more fluid trust. In turn this will prompt you to feel a sense of togetherness with fellow man instead of isolation.

What The Playful Way to Self-Love does is invite the silent yes from the child within you to actually be spoken out. It literally allows you to stomp your feet until your inner universe provides for you!

Here are more examples of how this program has helped others:

  • A lady who migrated over to the UK was applying for a student visa and studying English which caused her responsiveness to get out of hand. We worked together for a few months and I made sure she held fluid trust that everything would work out so that she could continue to enjoy life. That’s exactly what happened and she even started dating a man who is now the proud father of their baby daughter.
  • Another lady was involved in a bus accident and suffered great pain. Together we went through the process of claiming personal injury compensation. At times she wanted to give up. I held her accountable, knowing that completion was on its way. She received three thousand pounds, which gave her and her husband the freedom to think further about themselves and what they want and need since they were at retirement age. Being playful and curious they both got to grow the seed of Wanting More and now they are back in their home country, happily working at a restaurant on the beach.
  • Another lady needed encouragement, fluid trust and a blog face-lift. Empowering her through the steps of simplicity this time around, I had to deal with her feelings of inadequacy when it came to technology and online work. She was panicking when she came to me. Simplicity brought us together, whereby she could hear mine and her own voice saying One Step at a Time. I showed her how I take my time to study the problem and then helped her give her blog a face-lift. She is now confident in doing lots more work by herself, knowing that she can always ask for help if she gets stuck.

Ready to Write Your Own Story of Greater Success & Aliveness?

Sign up for The Playful Way to Self-Love today. The program takes six weeks to complete with a different step of the six-step process covered each week. There are two enrollment options:

Self-Study – £299

Course materials covering a different step in the process distributed each week

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With Personal Coaching – £499

Course materials covering a different step in the process distributed each week
6 Personal Coaching Calls – One per week via Phone or Skype

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In the personal coaching option I will be available to you each week for inspiration and additional tips, things you can use to overcome any obstacles you may have encountered on your journey. I will also keep your dreams and your aspirations as prayers in my heart and will do everything within my power to make sure you reach your goals.

In other words, having me as your coach will help ensure you stay on track and will give you that extra little push you need to achieve success faster.

Learn the Secrets, Get the Knowledge, Achieve Success!

I don’t care how old you are, or what you do for a living. It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife, unemployed or an ‘average Joe’ or a successful business person making over six figures a year.

No matter where you are in life, in this program you will take a giant leap forward in the way you view yourself … because at this moment, you are just one click away from the advice and instruction you need to discover your real inner self and begin using that knowledge to achieve true success.


Here’s the Bottom Line on This Incredible Program …

Too many people go through life never experiencing all that they could be getting out of it.

This is a shame. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you -not any longer! Sign up for The Playful Way to Self-Love and you can rest assured that you will receive the instruction and guidance you need to find true success and happiness.

You’ll be taken by the hand and walked step by step through the six steps that you can use to cut through the clutter and begin hearing your inner voice so that you can then start achieving success – and happiness – beyond your wildest dreams.

This program will provide you with information and secrets that you can use to strengthen your self-esteem, decrease your stress and fill your life with love, happiness and success!

Delina Dimova and I met a few months ago in Berlin, Germany. The occasion was a seminar on the topic of human consciousness.

I was surprised when Delina, later, contacted me via Skype offering free coaching sessions on personal growth. So I was curious and immediately consented.

Although her coaching model is not taking into individual personality into account, Delina compensates for this limitation through her own rich and abundant personality and her bright mind.

I still remember one particular coaching session with Delina cause of my feeling of a deep connection with her while we explored the nature of human reality and discovered new insights together which I would not have realized alone by myself.

I am totally convinced that personal transforrmation through coaching with Delina can be archived if you, the individual, seriously apply Delina’s methodology and you desire personal changes and growth.

For the future, my wish to Delina is all the best and much success.

Michael Weick

Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration Engineer , Waischenfeld, Germany

Your Purchase is Backed by a Money Back Guarantee!

The Playful Way to Self-Love is backed by a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

If this program doesn’t do what I promise it will … if it doesn’t allow you to start operating from a place of true inner wisdom … if it doesn’t increase your productivity at work … if it doesn’t decrease your resistance to success … if it doesn’t send your happiness and job soaring … if it doesn’t do all of these wonderful things … you can simply contact me within 30 days of your purchase date and I’ll give you your full purchase price back!

You’ve got nothing to lose … and the life of your dreams to gain! So order now.

With love and with light.

Delina-Profile_image Delina Dimova

P.S. If you are reading this page chances are you are someone who believes they are capable of more. The Playful Way to Self-Love will lay the foundation that you can use to obtain the exciting results that you are secretly waiting for. There is nothing for you to lose taking on this journey. I am offering you only winning and joy. Everyone at work loves the joyful people, in fact we secretly envy them if we are not joyful ourselves. Imagine you being the joyful, successful one … you will find yourself being put in leadership positions and you will be able to ask your staff to do so much more work because of the way that you inspire them!  

P.P.S. When you get down to it, most people are scared of success and end up doing things that they are not even aware of to sabotage that success. I can guarantee you that The Playful Way to Self-Love’s six step process will allow you to break down the ‘overwhelmingness’ of it all into small bite size chunks that you can manage with ease, so that you can quickly obtain the success you’ve always wanted.