For so long I have been trying to get rid of the sensations in my body and I couldn’t. To be precise, it’s been the focus of my healing journey for five years.  well, at last, I am confident in myself saying that I know how to get rid of the sensations. To be accurate, it is not exactly getting rid of them but listening to them and really hearing what they have to say. A temple of sensations, that is my body, has me writing this. The tightest and heaviest of sensations circulating around my knees for two days now, told me to write this article.  

You may have experienced pinches and needle like sensations in your body too. For example, a burning on a random part of your body, a throb somewhere else or simple flush of heat. All of these examples are showing you the kind of sensations you could be experiencing. I spend years trying to overcome feeling the sensations in my body but it never worked until one random day, like today, it occurs.  

You simply ask the uncomfortable sensations in your body:  

Now that you have my attention, how can I serve you? 

And then you go do the thing that they ask of you, if they have the courage to ask you.  

Coming to think of it, I think I was afraid of the sensations for many years, and I was afraid from them happening again. I mean, some of them were so disturbing that I spend years fearing them and not wanting to experience them again. When I speak of disturbing sensations, I mean really high-pitched noises in my years or, very thin needle like penetrating sensation in various parts of my body, or waves of paralysis that would keep me immobile for time. Unpleasant, intrusive, invasive, uncomfortable and generally speaking let-me-run-away-from-this-sensation-right-now. The more I tried, the less far away I would get.  

Then one day, my bestie told me about the spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and how as an empath, me, I should tune into him and see what happens.  

It has been five years now since I am fully immersed in his teachings and I can assure you it has paid off. Sometimes his message will be the same and on repeat and I just wouldn’t get it. For instance, asking the difficult emotions in us how we can serve them. This is a teaching I have heard a lot and never really got it or may be just today is the day I get it that tiny bit more.  

As I was having these heaving clinging tight sensations around my knees, and as I asked them what can I do for them, I hear the title of this writing: A temple of sensations, that is my body.  


With no hesitation I am writing this.  


If you have negative emotions, or symptoms or sensations or anything of the sort that nags you, bugs you, is non-stop, is invasive, is intrusive, is persistent to say the least… then it is up to you to serve it.  


May you be brave enough to serve the thing that is with you as I was brave enough to ask my sensations out loud: ‘okay, now that you have my attention, how can I serve you.’ 


And one more interesting aspect of this new revelation of mine is that I consciously stopped blaming it on someone else and I stopped imagining it as a boy or a guy and instead, I spoke to it as if it is a little girl cos one day I will be a mom and I want twin girls so I thought this is a very good practice to speak to my sensations as if they are one or both of my girls.  


I have nothing else to say. Be blessed, be the light, recognize everything as the light. Call your sensations that they r the light, the light I am and they will lose their grip. Know that your body is a temple and as such, everything that happens inside it or on it, or to it, is of importance.  


It is important.  


I love you.  

Delina  sensations

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