Hi I`m Delina

and I am your coach and tarot reader.

I am an idealist who would do the right thing even when no one is looking. My work is reliable and balanced.  Essentially, I am a motivator and a leader to those who need it most.

I obtained my degree in Psychology and Computing at Bournemouth University (England). I am certified as a Creative Consciousness Coach® and I’ve been practicing since 2015. A colleague described me as:

“There is a shower of love – of playfulness and high vibrational energy, of joy and passion. Delina has the ability to make things happen – you just go and do it! She has faith in people while remaining grounded and radiant. She has the willingness to take the client on a journey and is not afraid to challenge other people or to give new perspectives. She has a willingness to face it all’’ (by Juan Cuéllar Torres) 

In my pursuit to learn and participate in the study of consciousness, I have had unbelievable opportunities to travel the world and learn from some of the very best coaches. For example, Mastin Kipp, Violetta Pleshakova, Adrienne Mishler and others. During these times I practiced and practiced, honing my skills and knowledge, preparing to share with the world my talent. I unearthed my natural gift of motivation and vision. 

In life, I experience the highs and lows just as you and I am willing to share your path with you. In those experiences I managed to find happiness and unconditional love. So, I’ll listen and respond, I’ll keep simplicity as our signpost and I will accept the you that you may not be able to. This is my gift, my talent, my lifelong passion and I want nothing more than to share it with you so you may achieve what you set out for. 

I am grateful that you are here and I would love to be your coach or your tarot reader, and I am welcoming you as you are. 



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