Card reading

Benefits of having a card reading

  • Gain insights and awareness.
  • See beyond your present circumstances.
  • Assist you get insights beyond your past and present thoughts, words and behaviours in order to see your present circumstances more objectively.
  • Make you more aware of the potential results of your present words, thoughts and behaviours.
  • Remind you to remember that what you think, say or do today helps create tomorrow.
  • Gain more perspective and understanding.
  • Get clarity and divine guidance on what to do next.
  • Disperse some confusion around  a specific situation or question.
  • Get rid of the difficulty to see anything and yourself in the most objective way. 
  • Strengthen your sovereign connection with the divine.
  • Unleashed creativity when your feminine energy is affirmed and clear. Feminine is on the rise and when it is acknowledged, respected and welcomed, it will relax and let the flow of creativity come forth.  
  • Enhance intuition and personal development.
  • Blossom into the fullness of your being because of the awareness you gain.
  • Connect to your heart space. 
  • Be clear and helpful to yourself and then as a result of that, be clear and helpful to others. 
  • Seeking truth is fulfilled and satisfied.

Before you begin

Take a moment to connect with the card deck. This will help you to attune yourself to the cards prior to gaining insight from them. Place the deck between the palms of your hands (or ask Delina to do so if you are getting a remote reading) and choose an overall intention or a request for the deck itself.

You may choose something along the lines of “Provide me with insight and clarity” or “I intend for this to be a source of guidance for me throughout the course of my life”. The deck will fine-tune itself to your vibration as well as the level of your understanding at this time.

It is not necessary to clear the deck. The vibrational frequency held by these cards cleanses energy on its own. So it is perfectly fine to allow anyone to touch or hold this deck. However, if you feel the desire or need to clear the deck, do so by smudging the cards in the deck with white sage or by visualising a white or golden light, dissolving any unwanted energy that may be lingering on the deck. 

It is a good idea to meditate on/with the particular frequency that you draw during your reading; especially the one frequency that you draw that you feel would most benefit you at this time. Find ways to incorporate it and what it represents into your daily life.


There are three decks of cards that we will use. Only one of them, the Divine guidance, needs to highlight that it is crucial to keep cards that you draw in the exact position that you happen to draw them. Like a traditional tarot deck, the meaning of the cards is different depending on whether you draw them right side up or in reverse position.

Ways to use the Divine Guidance deck

There are many ways to use this deck, the simplest way to use the deck is to pick a question or intention. Focus on the question or intention as you begin to shuffle (or let Delina shuffle) the deck. When you shuffle the deck, pay no attention to which is right side up or right side down. Stop shuffling when it feels complete to you. Keeping your question or intention in mind, fan the cards out, frequency side down in front of you. With your eyes open or closed, allow yourself to gravitate to the card in the deck that you feel drawn to.

When you turn over the card, turn them over horizontally instead of vertically so the position the card was drawn in (upright or reverse) is not altered.


Any traditional or non-traditional Tarot spread may be done using these cards.

To follow are some spreads that are specific to this deck.

Triune Spread
The Triune Spread is a quick way to gain insight into specific questions you may have such as: “What should I know about the situation I am in?” or “What should I do about___.”

Time Spread
The Time Spread shows your past, present and future.

Life Path Potential Spread
The Life Path Potential Spread shows what you are a match in your near future based on your current vibration. You can either ask to see the outcome of a specific situation or you can ask the universe to see what is coming for you in your life more generally.

Relationship Spread
The Relationship Spread gives you an objective look at a relationship in question.

Objective Spread
The Objective Spread gives you an objective look at your life at this point in time.

The Skein Spread
The Skein Spread gives you a comprehensive perspective on any direct questions you may have.


Delina Skyped with me and my wife for our readings. She greeted us with a warm smile and warmer welcome. We immediately felt comfortable, relaxed and embraced by Delina’s presence. She allowed herself to be the medium and guided us as we were instructed by the universe. Her connection with the cards and us were perfect. She explained the meanings and provided opportunities to allow you to have a true sense of connectivity. It was our first reading and we couldn’t have asked for a better connection than with Delina. She is phenomenal.

Additionally, we are in the US and had no issues with connection, time difference or language. Delina was prompt and allowed her work to speak for itself. You will not be disappointed. Regards.

Jason Marsh.

‘My reading with Delina was most enlightening, informational and inspiring… I will definitely be keeping in contact with her for future readings…’
Tiffani Kistler

Delina’s empathy and intuition went beyond determining the meaning of a certain card – she helped me to understand how it was applicable to my current circumstances. she gave me more than a simple reading – it was a conversation with a loving friend who wanted the best for me.
CallMeCara - Writer

‘Delina has a passionate energy and is dedicated to her craft’

Nicole Wijngaarden

‘Delina is a glowing energetic bubble of Light, a true spiritual activist dedicated to helping others and healing the world. I had the honour of witnessing her growth and development as a coach and a person, and I acknowledge her depth, her dedication, her passion, and undeniable talent as a bringer of transformation!
Violetta Pleshakova

‘Delina is a very special, intuitive, talented and kind woman, she is free spirited with a genuine love and passion for all things. Delina is natural and authentic and her passion to help others burns bright in her aura. I had a reading with Delina last night… My first ever, it was beautiful and eye opening with all the presence of love and self love to provide me with the tools for my own journey. She is truly amazing xx. Love you Delina, you are a true lightworker.’
Maddy Punungwe

‘Delina is a joyful spiritual coach.I now have a deeper understanding of myself through her advice with a great accurate reading.’
Dina Chauhan

‘Delina is a very kind and compassionate person. She will not give up on connecting with you in the session because she knows, like you, that this is really all that matters.’
Tal Moshe

‘Delina is a clear channel with lots of love and attention to her client. Within minutes of meeting her, I felt like we have known each other forever. She creates a loving and safe space for anyone making major life changes, and helps create actions steps to achieving your goals. Such a beautiful reading!’
Rianne Vestuto


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