Alright peeps,

I have been thinking for awhile about closing down my website because it’s just not representative of me anymore. I mean half of the staff I have stopped doing and I don’t practice so its pointless having them on.

I love my logo, my video (big up to my old classmate Asher Oliver, who made the cartoon for me). I love my blog so if I find a way I will transfer all content into my new site. I love the enter page and I love a whole new photoshoot I did last autumn that I want to use up.


So I am closing it down. I am keep somethings and attracting a new web designer. If you are one, please let me know. I would love to talk to you.




I haven’t written in a while because I have been working. I also used up my personal hotspot.

All in all lots of things happening. People ask me about my husband and it’s becoming a little difficult to talk about him or us because it really is not your typical sense of husband and wife thing. OK. It was a union forged in Spirit. It was Source arising in both of us that led to a proposition and secondary holy ‘if’ statement. I love him, and I hurt every minute that I am away from him. But as I also said in one of my last letters, he has a partner and she opened herself up to me… but then she wooed me out and said she is not interested.

So as I was going to become a third in their relationship… I didn’t, because another women from California did. For a short while. And in response to that my guidance was – “this is a training ground”. All is well and hope is up.



I am going to Bulgariaaaaa… for a wedding and as always my outfit wasn’t liked and sort of not formal enough so I decided to be creative and stick with the outfit I chose but add loads of beautiful live ornaments to it I.e. flowers in my hair and white rose weaved on my hand. It’s gonna be awesome.


I love living by the sea. Like it’s really hot these last few days and I went for a dip in the ocean today – smashingly amazing. Really!


Work is going well.


Above it all… husband is well, his partner is well, I am well.


I’ve started coaching again, which makes me very proud of myself. I am also getting on with the revision for my exam. Keeping track of wisdom teeth extraction operation coming up sometime this summer.




Basically… becoming a full time Angel.


More about that soon. For now… this is all I got.






p.s. something else I love from my website and business adventure so far is #theplayfulway images and teachings / downloads upon which I shall be expanding. Im undergoing a mashusive integration and embodiment process this year so in due time – I can lead the way with head high and dignity. Boom. Love u all.