permission to express yourself. Learn about yourself and how to communicate in a way that sets you free. There are 1:1 coaching sessions or the Creative Consciousness coaching program. Feel free to speak with me for more details. 

What is coaching?

Coaching is based on the fundamental belief that people have within them all the potential resources they need to achieve the things they desire. Awakening these potentials and developing them into skills and powers is one of the higher ambitions of great coaching. With the stresses and strains of modern life, often the way forward becomes foggy and unclear. A coach’s role is to use effective questioning techniques to help guide the client through the fog, bringing clarity and purpose back into his life. Regular coaching sessions keep him on track and are a powerful means of implementing change much faster than going it alone. 

Anthony Grant PhD is the Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit in the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney and defines coaching as “a collaborative, solution-focused, action-oriented conversation that facilitates the enhancement of life experience, goal attainment, self-directed learning, and performance in the coachee’s professional and/or personal life.”

The different target markets where creative expressions happen:

  • in statesmanship
  • in education
  • in the fine arts
  • in science
  • in medicine
  • in ministartion 
  • in an understanding of pure truth

The coaching session

A coaching session takes between 30-60 minutes. Coaching – correctly facilitated – works fast. Sometimes a coaching session can be complete in 10 minutes. On average, however, a coaching session takes 45 minutes.

Coaching is not:

  • therapy
  • consulting
  • mentoring
  • training
  • athletic development

How does Consciousness Coaching® differ from classical coaching?

Consciousness Coaching® is based on classical coaching and goes hand in hand with awareness creation. Classical coaching helps a person to become more effective in realising their dreams and for that, the coaching scope is restricted by what the client is aware of.

If the coach is a taxi driver and the client is the passenger, then the ride is restricted by the client’s expressed destination. In Consciousness Coaching® we have a structure that creates a new awareness of unknown possibilities. We all know things, and we also know what we don’t know.

However, there is a huge area of available possibilities in the space of ‘what we are not aware that we are not aware of’! This is the domain of the unknown that gets penetrated by Consciousness Coaching® while classical coaching happens at the same time. Consciousness Coaches®, therefore, get their clients to their desired destination and, during the ride, they’re pointing out whole new areas the client wasn’t aware of before.

The coaching program 

A Creative Consciousness coaching program or ‘cycle’ consists of 12 sessions, one coaching session per two weeks, the completion time of 6 months. This setup can be changed to be in alignment with the client’s needs.  

Coaching sessions are conducted by Skype or face-to-face if the global situation allows. We begin with a questionnaire and an introductory session where we discuss your objectives. You will receive the full picture of your vision, give it a title and set a measure. All of your objectives must be inspiring, moving and touching, and 20% outside your comfort zone. When both of us are clear on what we are doing, our coaching journey begins. Each session will provide you with an awareness creation. We will follow the same structure and we will each use a protocol to take notes and keep records. Everything will be provided to you before we begin.  

The results of the program depend on your level of integrity. Your integrity depends on how honestly you show up, how authentic can you be. You are invited to come with an open and trusting heart. The communication between yourself and the coach will be impeccable. All questions and objections will be handled as we go along. Most importantly, give thanks and look ahead.  

Core benefits (typical)

    • Improving your performance in all areas of your life 
    • Experiencing greater freedom, clarity and purpose

    • Increasing your power and confidence 
    • Eliminating stress and/or worry 
    • Provoking breakthroughs 
    • Achieving goals, you might never reach on your own 
    • Being more organized according to ‘first things first  
    • Giving and receiving permission to be, do, have whatever you want 
    • Feeling seen, heard, understood and acknowledged 

Who are the clients?

      • Creative Directors  
      • Choreographers
      • Dancers
      • Artists 
      • Painters 
      • Musicians 
      • All Fine Arts 
      • Students of Voice 
      • Writers 
      • Craftsmen
      • Designers  


What are some negatives that the coaching program can help with?

  • Procrastination  
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Limiting beliefs 
  • Low self-worth or self-esteem 
  • Stuckness 
  • Negative self-talk 
  • Doubt, shame and fear 
  • Old patterns 
  • Overthinking  


    I received life coaching from Delina in the latter part of 2015 as I wasn’t coping with life & felt unmotivated. I had no expectations of receiving any benefits from life coaching. My attitude was “What harm can it do? Let’s give it a try.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that little by little my self-belief & motivation was returning to me.

    Delina created a safe space where growth could take place. Overall an extraordinary process where we were able to explore my personal blocks, emotions & reasons for procrastination. Whilst writing this I have realised I could use a top-up session with Delina & I strongly recommend you give it a go too as you have more to gain than to lose.

    Donna Matthews

    Counsellor Dip BSC(Hons) Psychology, United Kingdom

    LinkedIn Recommendations from My Peeps

    you can get a feel for the creative consciousness program from reading the words of others. thank you.

    Delina Dimova and I met a few months ago in Berlin, Germany. The occasion was a seminar on the topic of human consciousness. I was surprised when Delina, later, contacted me via Skype offering free coaching sessions on personal growth. So I was curious and immediately consented.

    Although her coaching model is not taking into individual personality into account, Delina compensates for this limitation through her own rich and abundant personality and her bright mind. I still remember one particular coaching session with Delina cause of my feeling of a deep connection with her while we explored the nature of human reality and discovered new insights together which I would not have realized alone by myself.

    I am totally convinced that personal transformation through coaching with Delina can be archived if you, the individual, seriously apply Delina’s methodology and you desire personal changes and growth. For the future, my wish to Delina is all the best and much success.

    Michael Weick

    Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration Engineer, Waischenfeld, Germany

    I met Delina about a year ago. I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and also trying to set up a new business. I was struggling to stay focussed, I lacked confidence and would sometimes find myself spiralling into a well of depression and self-deprecation. Delina held out a hand and has coached me into finding what is good in myself, and this in turn is motivating me to move my ideas forward. There is still some way to go but from a situation of stagnation and stillness, I find myself moving forward and the momentum is picking up.

    Delina’s style can be so subtle, finding and pulling the best of you into the open, it feels very natural and ‘of self’, and it is only when I look back that I can see how far I have come.

    Delina’s guidance and experience have helped me to grow in confidence through self-appreciation and strength, to find focus and not be distracted by negative emotions and thoughts, and to really start to develop my business.

    I still have some way to go, and the path has not always been easy or even, but with Delina’s instruction, I am sure of continued personal development and enterprise success.

    I would recommend Delina as a life and development coach, she has changed my perspectives.

    Lin M,

    Green Entrepreneur


    One Coaching Session

    Creative Consciousness Program