As promised from last week, this week I am going to talk about the befits of The Playful Way to Self-Love and the two main results:  making more money and having more joy.

Other benefits:

  • experiencing life through the lens of magic
  • letting your inner child be heard
  • having a voice
  • learn to feel and express your joy
  • become ahead of the competition
  • have the feel good factor everyday

If this sounds good and you would like to know more you can listen to me talk in a little more details about The Six Step Process to The Self and Feeling Alive tomorrow, Thursday, at 2 pm UK time. 

Alternatively, if you wish to read more details about the process please follow go to the Playful Course details here.

This Playful Course is design for men specifically. Women can do the course also. Expect your life to change with magic and trust hand in hand.

The money spent on personal growth are always worth it. We have all been conditioned so much so that stress, anxiety and worry has become our nature when it shouldn’t be.

Men are being over-simplified which I do not support and for that reason I am devoting my life to empower men by sharing  my wisdom and my services.

If you are interested in working with me in my capacity as a Creative Consciousness® Coach please email me back or call me. I can support get unstuck, gain clarity or have breakthrough in all areas of life. My passion extends to dance, intimacy, connection with yourself and sexuality.

Stan up, Speak up, Show Up


P.S. My pick for this week from Teal’s teachings is about the energies: femininity and masculinity. This is an introduction video so enjoy it.

As always send please me your thoughts.