A card reading about your relationship


If you are with someone, or if you are married, perhaps may be even divorced, this card reading is about your relationship. The divine guidance cards will talk about your needs and your offerings and they don’t even need to know about the other person.

When you check out, you will be prompted to write about your relationship status. Meaning, are you in a relationship with a man or a woman, is it a marriage, or partnership, or simply describe what is the situation you find yourself in? You will not be given a card reading if you are asking about a third person. It has to be about you 😊. 

This card reading is detailed and we pull 8 cards. There is a card for the relationship’s most positive  energy and another card for the relationship’s most negative energy. You will be made aware of the vibrational current state as well as the outcome.

 Create the templates for each card reading [DD1] [DD1]

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