Instant Gratification


A card reading that provides you with a present time-based message. You will read the cards’ message for you and it will be based on your present moment vibration. How you are right now is how u are right now.

With this instant gratification card reading you will be receiving the cards’ guidance for right now based on how you are right now. What positive and negative forces are you a match to base on your current vibration.

This card reading is short but sweet and we pull 4 cards out for you. It’s still going to take up to 10 days for you to receive it but we do like to treat these ones with priority. How you are feeling at the time of ordering this card reading is what the cards are going to use in order to answer you.

We know it’s instant gratification but you are receiving it at a later moment in time but still the message will be giving you your life path potential according to your now-now-vibration.

In case you wanted a direct face-to-face card reading please order that one here. 

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