Can your guidance help me help others?

Can your guidance help me help others?

This sounds to me like teacher training where I teach you how to be a teacher to someone else. Of course, my guidance can help you help others but the shift we are going through right now is UNLEARNING how to help, care, coach and do it for other people. We, as in the first wave of ascension and the peace-makers lead the way with our torch-bearing personalities. We, collectively figure out what is the next condition that has been ingrained in us over the years that is not going to serve us in the New Earth. Help and caring are one of them and my dear friend Anthony Miller, who has been tripping on the very precious medicine known as ayawaska, brought the topic of caring as something that is actually toxic to our human development. I happen to agree.  

Caring and helping require somebody who is disempowered. If we were all fully embodied then we would be super powerful and there will be only co-creation, announcing the wellness of things in life and bliss following.  

Your desire to help others comes from a need to be useful and valuable and helpful. For example, if you are well knowledgeable then you would need others to seek your knowledge which will make u feel significant and that’s a need of your, valid and true. In the act of co-creation, many people come together with varied expertise and they share so everyone is learning and everyone is empowered which Is away from helping someone. This reminds of  

Helping someone in need.  

Isn’t it toxic and paradoxical? Neediness is an allergic reaction to being on Earth. For instance, entitlement and victimhood and righteousness are also allergic reactions to the human condition whereby our nervous systems inflame and we lose ourselves in the humanness of it. So, in order to stop the toxicity of being needy or helping and caring, we must  


Learn how to care for ourselves. 


So, in essence, if I guide you towards self-care and self-love then yes you would be better able to help others but let me talk about children for a moment. Children require safety in order to explore and grow. I believe as caregivers and parents our job is to ensure safety on all levels and provide support for our children so that they can discover and be curious for themselves.  

Where does safety come from in us, as adults?  

Really, how safe do you feel in your body right now? Are you relaxed? Do you perceive your environment as safe or do you need a glass of alcohol to relax your nervous system at the end of the day?  

This is important. All of us in the first wave of ascension figured this out and now it is our guide that will help you figure it out for yourself. If you do not feel safe in your own body then you should not have kids. Period.  

Back to the example with the children. At a very young age, they are inquisitive and curious about the external world. They naturally want to explore and see, touch, feel everything in their environment. In the New way of being, adults will be supervising and ensuring safety based on how safe they themselves feel. The new spiritual paradigm is grounded in Divine Love and that means no fear and that means relaxed nervous systems even when we are doing. I mean, being and doing happens at the same state of the nervous system, the left and the right brain work together, the fight-flight-freeze-flee-or-fawn systems are gone! Less active.  

Yes, let’s guide you to the feeling of safety in and of yourself. Learn how to remain in a relaxed state and then help others do the same but that is the core of it. Caring and helping someone is toxic and it does not serve the greater good of humanity.  

I am open to helping you find your way to safety and that’s only because I have figured this out for myself which means I will be empowering you because I am empowered myself.  

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What about the chaos?

What about the chaos?

Your perception of chaos begins inside you. It is always a matter of organizing your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings and ideas. As we focus on loving ourselves, we start to see how perfectly everything fits together. For example, our bodies contain so much orchestration on so many levels and everything works in harmony. This alignment can be reflected in the external world which means the chaos will now be perceived as a purposeful arrangement by the universe at large.  

Getting to the nitty-gritty of your core beliefs is not an easy thing to do and you must be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself. Everything happens in divine time and you must remember that it is about the journey, not the destination.  

Your chaos is my chaos. Your harmony is my harmony. Your chaos is our chaos and your harmony is our harmony. We are all connected so your idea of separation is what’s keeping you asleep or stuck.  

Where you see chaos and malice, others see the evolutionary process.  

Always think you have the choice to turn your focus back at yourself and begin to give yourself approval or acknowledgements and validation by simply saying: Hey, I am here with you and everything is changeable but I am still going to be here with you, because who is having this experience right now? What is having this experience right now? I am.  

Returning to the I AM presence is one way. 

Acknowledging the Unity Consciousness is another way. For real, the WE consciousness is a powerful stream that you can tap into by simply saying: All I am, we are. All We are, I am.  

Chaos is a fear-based reality and when you are fearful you choose self-destructive behaviours and actions. Nothing wrong with that but it definitely highlights the chaos. It will attract horrible news and it will bring evidence to your door to confirm the many reasons why you should be fearful.  

Call everything harmony exactly as it is, exactly as you see it and what your perception change. There is also Choiceless Harmony which frees you up in times of stuck-ness. You are in a position without choosing it and yet you can choose to call it harmony and feel.  

The chaos can very easily go away if you choose to be in alignment with your soul’s desires. So ask yourself the question: what do I desire, really? Look for it, don’t rush, feel the passion of desire come and it will. But then also have the courage to go in the direction of your desire.  

This going … is best done with people who are doing the same for themselves and it is always a good idea to work with someone along the way.  

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Can you get rid of the noise? 

Can you get rid of the noise? 

Yes, I can get rid of the noise.  


It turns out that when I tune into the water of my body, the external noise stops and only the movement of my body remains. Every moment as I go about my day, allows my body to move differently, fluidly, and there is no distortion.  

I got to this stage by following what resonates in a loving way, from a loving place, not from a place of triggering. I found a new path that uses breath and sound to activate the fluid system in my body. As I activate the fluid system in my body, noise stops, confidence and choice come.  

This fluidity of the body is the same as the fluid in the planet and the galaxy at large. It is a resonant element and there is no noise in the universe. The noise is perceived as noise because I am contracted or inhibited in some way. My being is restrained in some shape or form and then everything outside becomes noisy. But really there is no noise in the galaxy. There is only sound!!!  


Yes, we should all seek healing, we should all seek connection to the fluid system in our bodies and we should all move in a fluid not mechanical way.  

I wish this upon you, and upon the world at large, all humans.  

We could manifest our heaven on earth faster than ever if the fluid system in our bodies is activated and expressed. The commotion and chaos will be sorted out into the symphony of sounds and the alignment of objects that we haven’t seen. 


This is it.  

Love and light. 


Is Coaching Like Counselling?

Is Coaching Like Counselling?


Coaching is about asking questions in a way that allows the other person to figure out their own way.  

Counselling is about talking with the patient regarding their past traumas figuring out what’s right and wrong.  


Coaching is a conversation by the end of which both people would have reached an elevated state of being. How they get there is by asking questions and looking to see the answers that might be there. It’s in the now process that helps you move from a disturbed space and into an opening.  

Counselling is concerned with your past and your psyche or your cognition. It has more of a healing aspect to it. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is part of the training curriculum for Counselling. CBT is about changing patterns in your mind’s behavior and therefore achieving relief.  

Coaching doesn’t mean Counselling at all. No past traumas or re-patterning of the mind. It’s simply communication in the present moment that will allow the other person to get back in the flow. It’s for socially stable people and everyone else who doesn’t consider themselves in need of medical help or feels fucked up in the head. No. If I am your coach and I notice there are past issues that are coming up, I am in my full right to refer you to a specialist who deals with that kind of thing. If I am a good coach, I would discontinue coaching you and encourage you to find the right professional for your situation. 

Coaching doesn’t blend into therapy, or mentoring, or counselling or consulting. Each one of these practices is different than the other and has its own purpose.  

Therapy is very specific on you receiving the energy from a therapist. 

Mentoring is when someone with a number of years of experience can teach you what they know. 

Counselling is dealing with past issues.  

Consulting is about providing a solution for you. 

Coaching is about space holding, listening, questioning and engaging in a goal-oriented conversation with you.  

From Dictionary  

Counselling the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems. 

From Wikipedia 

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. 

The major difference that gets me here is: problems and goals  

Indeed, I help my people achieve their goals. I support myself using coaching to achieve my goals too. If it was a problem then indeed a counsellor is better suited for the job.  

There you have it. Coaching is not like Counselling and if you are working toward achieving personal or professional goals, a coach will be of good use to you.  

I am ending this writing with a reference to Life Coach Library’s article on Certified Life Coach. I think it will be a major discernment on your behalf to work with a certified life coach instead of someone who is proclaimed.  

Thank you for reading.  



Opening The Mind

Opening The Mind

Our minds are often too busy and we don’t think properly, and we don’t take time out to do absolutely nothing. This nothingness of space is very beneficial. How do we get there? 


It’s not a place we get to, it really is a state of being? The mind can’t do being because being happens in the heart and even deeper in the seat of the soul.  

One of the best things we can do to open our minds is to start with guided meditations. They will bring about a small amount of time in an altered state of mind. This will be enough to begin with, to see an opening for more later on.  

There are also the live transmissions of people who have devoted their entire life to be in an open receiving and receptive state. These leaders amongst us are connected to that nothingness of space and then they radiate that energy, that frequency so that those listening can entrain with it and feel it too.  

You can also read books with encoded messages inside, again from divine source, channelled through a human being and into a sequence of words. As you read the sentences of a written live transmission, your mind steps to the side and rests. It is in that resting time that your mind is given a chance to open and see the world anew.  

Eventually, you will learn how to love your mind such that you give it what it needs to be renewed and therefore to be thinking properly.  

Doing nothing is not possible. Nothing is a state of being and you get to it when u drop the doing on mental, emotional and physical level. For example, I sit still and I know for me I need to stop fidgeting with my body in order to get quite and enter my mind space. From physical to mental. In the mental space I start to hear people’s voices and thoughts and things they have said to me but if I continue to sit still and remember to be the observer, then I move to the emotional level. I start to feel fear, anxiety, and then relief or relaxation. At this point I try to remember to breathe through the emotions, so I breathe deeply and on purpose. Deliberate breaths in and out while still remaining static. Eventually, I reach the zero-point space. Also known as the reset or nonconditioned consciousness. This is the nothingness of space. This is the absolutely doing nothing dimension. As I remain still and breathe, I am aware of vast open emptiness. Usually, on the way back towards getting up and doing something, I start to get inspired solutions because my mind has been opened to receive new perspectives.  

Like I said a guided meditation can get you to this nothing space for a short period of time which can be and will be enough to begin with. My favorite guided meditations are these: Teal Swan’s Vault 

I also love the live transmissions of Matt Kahn and one book that I know for a fact has encoded live transmission in it is: The Sophia Code. 

I think another easy and super simple way to get back into an open mind is to change your focus a few times a day. Turn to your heart. Put a hand on your chest where your physical heart is and set a timer for 10 minutes. Even if you don’t say anything, don’t do anything, the simple hand to heart connection is going to reset your nervous system. If you learn to say nice things to yourself, then that would be even better. For that reason, I am including my favorite mantras in both languages Bulgarian and English.  

healing mantras for the inner child

The more we start to honour our minds are the most hard-working machine ever, the more it will relax and be soothed. Openness comes only after we are relaxed and we are in the body. If we are pushing or striving, it won’t happen. A delicate balance between doing and being, between appreciation and striving, between taking action and resting is needed if you want your mind to open and function well. Just like nature, she moves through her seasons and just like in sexy time, the female needs moisture to open otherwise it’s off balance, its braking an entry and it’s a violation. I think the great reset we are living through with the Covid situation is telling us to slow down, listen, connect to the silence, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to become, no extreme mountains to climb. We have time to be still and it is there in that stillness that you will find an opening. From that opening you will find the inspiration and resources to complete a project infused with fresh energy and confidence. When your mind is rested, you may experience more confidence and certainty.  

I love how much change is being cooked underneath the seemingly closed doors and restrictions. My only wish is that we all take self-care and self-love god dam serious.  

I am here if you have questions or if you want to get a card reading from me.  





p.s. I just remembered the acronym

WE – word embodied

ARE – awareness + resolution = expansion

ONE – openness never excludes


which reminds me to highlight that a closed mind is like a small child and it requires love more than anything else. Love being tender care and attention, listening, patience and so on.

Can you work with teams?

Can you work with teams?

Can you work with teams? 


Simple answer is Yes, I can. A team of six or seven people as oppose to 20,30 100+. 

I would love to be able to connect with everyone in the team. You know coaching is a conversation that is between two people and one of them is asking the questions. It’s a relationship essentially. I hold that to be true for me, therefore a small team would benefit more than a large group. The relationship I can build in a small team will be stronger and more intimate than the relationship in large team.  

You know, I would really love to have twins one day which will make my family a team of 7 beings, two kids, a man and three cats, plus me, that’s 7. Or it may be 6 or 8, if I have triplets. The point is, I will be attuning to each individual in the team because only through attunement can I really understand the other, feel them, hear like them, see like them and therefore lead them.  

I’ve experienced large groups of people coming together for a coaching training and still the connection happens only between the coach and the participant. Two people at a time while the rest are watching or listening. However, in big groups of 100+ the non-participants are more and harder to attune to. So, small teams will glean more benefits from working with me.  

Businesses can hire a coach and assign a small group of employees to him or her. So, if you are a business owner, or you work for somebody, a company or an organization and you are looking for me to coach your team to the next level than I say ‘yes’. 

It would feel scary, challenging, empowering and exciting to come into a group of people and be the coach. I would show up as me, raw and authentic with royal integrity. I would keep things real, honest, and my heart will be all in.  

If you are familiar with human design, then you will know about the Projector type of people. I am a projector which basically means I can very easily, effortlessly pick up others visions and inspirations and highlight them. Expand on them so much so that they buy it. If you are not familiar with human design, then all you need to know is that it is a self-training, self-assessment type of structure, like numerology and astrology. 

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading.