Useful Guidance on Self-love and Self-care Topics

I’m often asked questions about personal development and the road to self-love and self-care. Most of my answers that can guide you on your path are in these articles. Please submit your questions using the contact page. Thank you. 

Can you get rid of the noise? 

Can you get rid of the noise? 

Yes, I can get rid of the noise.  


It turns out that when I tune into the water of my body, the external noise stops and only the movement of my body remains. Every moment as I go about my day, allows my body to move differently, fluidly, and there is no distortion.  

I got to this stage by following what resonates in a loving way, from a loving place, not from a place of triggering. I found a new path that uses breath and sound to activate the fluid system in my body. As I activate the fluid system in my body, noise stops, confidence and choice come.  

This fluidity of the body is the same as the fluid in the planet and the galaxy at large. It is a resonant element and there is no noise in the universe. The noise is perceived as noise because I am contracted or inhibited in some way. My being is restrained in some shape or form and then everything outside becomes noisy. But really there is no noise in the galaxy. There is only sound!!!  


Yes, we should all seek healing, we should all seek connection to the fluid system in our bodies and we should all move in a fluid not mechanical way.  

I wish this upon you, and upon the world at large, all humans.  

We could manifest our heaven on earth faster than ever if the fluid system in our bodies is activated and expressed. The commotion and chaos will be sorted out into the symphony of sounds and the alignment of objects that we haven’t seen. 


This is it.  

Love and light. 


Is Coaching Like Counselling?

Is Coaching Like Counselling?


Coaching is about asking questions in a way that allows the other person to figure out their own way.  

Counselling is about talking with the patient regarding their past traumas figuring out what’s right and wrong.  


Coaching is a conversation by the end of which both people would have reached an elevated state of being. How they get there is by asking questions and looking to see the answers that might be there. It’s in the now process that helps you move from a disturbed space and into an opening.  

Counselling is concerned with your past and your psyche or your cognition. It has more of a healing aspect to it. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is part of the training curriculum for Counselling. CBT is about changing patterns in your mind’s behavior and therefore achieving relief.  

Coaching doesn’t mean Counselling at all. No past traumas or re-patterning of the mind. It’s simply communication in the present moment that will allow the other person to get back in the flow. It’s for socially stable people and everyone else who doesn’t consider themselves in need of medical help or feels fucked up in the head. No. If I am your coach and I notice there are past issues that are coming up, I am in my full right to refer you to a specialist who deals with that kind of thing. If I am a good coach, I would discontinue coaching you and encourage you to find the right professional for your situation. 

Coaching doesn’t blend into therapy, or mentoring, or counselling or consulting. Each one of these practices is different than the other and has its own purpose.  

Therapy is very specific on you receiving the energy from a therapist. 

Mentoring is when someone with a number of years of experience can teach you what they know. 

Counselling is dealing with past issues.  

Consulting is about providing a solution for you. 

Coaching is about space holding, listening, questioning and engaging in a goal-oriented conversation with you.  

From Dictionary  

Counselling the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems. 

From Wikipedia 

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. 

The major difference that gets me here is: problems and goals  

Indeed, I help my people achieve their goals. I support myself using coaching to achieve my goals too. If it was a problem then indeed a counsellor is better suited for the job.  

There you have it. Coaching is not like Counselling and if you are working toward achieving personal or professional goals, a coach will be of good use to you.  

I am ending this writing with a reference to Life Coach Library’s article on Certified Life Coach. I think it will be a major discernment on your behalf to work with a certified life coach instead of someone who is proclaimed.  

Thank you for reading.  



Opening The Mind

Opening The Mind

Our minds are often too busy and we don’t think properly, and we don’t take time out to do absolutely nothing. This nothingness of space is very beneficial. How do we get there? 


It’s not a place we get to, it really is a state of being? The mind can’t do being because being happens in the heart and even deeper in the seat of the soul.  

One of the best things we can do to open our minds is to start with guided meditations. They will bring about a small amount of time in an altered state of mind. This will be enough to begin with, to see an opening for more later on.  

There are also the live transmissions of people who have devoted their entire life to be in an open receiving and receptive state. These leaders amongst us are connected to that nothingness of space and then they radiate that energy, that frequency so that those listening can entrain with it and feel it too.  

You can also read books with encoded messages inside, again from divine source, channelled through a human being and into a sequence of words. As you read the sentences of a written live transmission, your mind steps to the side and rests. It is in that resting time that your mind is given a chance to open and see the world anew.  

Eventually, you will learn how to love your mind such that you give it what it needs to be renewed and therefore to be thinking properly.  

Doing nothing is not possible. Nothing is a state of being and you get to it when u drop the doing on mental, emotional and physical level. For example, I sit still and I know for me I need to stop fidgeting with my body in order to get quite and enter my mind space. From physical to mental. In the mental space I start to hear people’s voices and thoughts and things they have said to me but if I continue to sit still and remember to be the observer, then I move to the emotional level. I start to feel fear, anxiety, and then relief or relaxation. At this point I try to remember to breathe through the emotions, so I breathe deeply and on purpose. Deliberate breaths in and out while still remaining static. Eventually, I reach the zero-point space. Also known as the reset or nonconditioned consciousness. This is the nothingness of space. This is the absolutely doing nothing dimension. As I remain still and breathe, I am aware of vast open emptiness. Usually, on the way back towards getting up and doing something, I start to get inspired solutions because my mind has been opened to receive new perspectives.  

Like I said a guided meditation can get you to this nothing space for a short period of time which can be and will be enough to begin with. My favorite guided meditations are these: Teal Swan’s Vault 

I also love the live transmissions of Matt Kahn and one book that I know for a fact has encoded live transmission in it is: The Sophia Code. 

I think another easy and super simple way to get back into an open mind is to change your focus a few times a day. Turn to your heart. Put a hand on your chest where your physical heart is and set a timer for 10 minutes. Even if you don’t say anything, don’t do anything, the simple hand to heart connection is going to reset your nervous system. If you learn to say nice things to yourself, then that would be even better. For that reason, I am including my favorite mantras in both languages Bulgarian and English.  

healing mantras for the inner child

The more we start to honour our minds are the most hard-working machine ever, the more it will relax and be soothed. Openness comes only after we are relaxed and we are in the body. If we are pushing or striving, it won’t happen. A delicate balance between doing and being, between appreciation and striving, between taking action and resting is needed if you want your mind to open and function well. Just like nature, she moves through her seasons and just like in sexy time, the female needs moisture to open otherwise it’s off balance, its braking an entry and it’s a violation. I think the great reset we are living through with the Covid situation is telling us to slow down, listen, connect to the silence, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to become, no extreme mountains to climb. We have time to be still and it is there in that stillness that you will find an opening. From that opening you will find the inspiration and resources to complete a project infused with fresh energy and confidence. When your mind is rested, you may experience more confidence and certainty.  

I love how much change is being cooked underneath the seemingly closed doors and restrictions. My only wish is that we all take self-care and self-love god dam serious.  

I am here if you have questions or if you want to get a card reading from me.  





p.s. I just remembered the acronym

WE – word embodied

ARE – awareness + resolution = expansion

phonetically ONE – openness never excludes


which reminds me to highlight that a closed mind is like a small child and it requires love more than anything else. Love being tender care and attention, listening, patience and so on.

Can you work with teams?

Can you work with teams?

Can you work with teams? 


Simple answer is Yes, I can. A team of six or seven people as oppose to 20,30 100+. 

I would love to be able to connect with everyone in the team. You know coaching is a conversation that is between two people and one of them is asking the questions. It’s a relationship essentially. I hold that to be true for me, therefore a small team would benefit more than a large group. The relationship I can build in a small team will be stronger and more intimate than the relationship in large team.  

You know, I would really love to have twins one day which will make my family a team of 7 beings, two kids, a man and three cats, plus me, that’s 7. Or it may be 6 or 8, if I have triplets. The point is, I will be attuning to each individual in the team because only through attunement can I really understand the other, feel them, hear like them, see like them and therefore lead them.  

I’ve experienced large groups of people coming together for a coaching training and still the connection happens only between the coach and the participant. Two people at a time while the rest are watching or listening. However, in big groups of 100+ the non-participants are more and harder to attune to. So, small teams will glean more benefits from working with me.  

Businesses can hire a coach and assign a small group of employees to him or her. So, if you are a business owner, or you work for somebody, a company or an organization and you are looking for me to coach your team to the next level than I say ‘yes’. 

It would feel scary, challenging, empowering and exciting to come into a group of people and be the coach. I would show up as me, raw and authentic with royal integrity. I would keep things real, honest, and my heart will be all in.  

If you are familiar with human design, then you will know about the Projector type of people. I am a projector which basically means I can very easily, effortlessly pick up others visions and inspirations and highlight them. Expand on them so much so that they buy it. If you are not familiar with human design, then all you need to know is that it is a self-training, self-assessment type of structure, like numerology and astrology. 

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading.  




Какво Да Питаме Картите?


В това кратко видео споделям buy Pregabalin mastercard най-лесния въпрос за теб, който ти можеш да зададеш на картите. Натисни зеления бутон за да си зададеш въпроса към картите. Блгагодаря ти.



Задай Въпрос Към Картите.

Виж какво казват другите за гледанките на карти със Делина. 

Благодаря ти че гледа.

С обич.


Крайбрежна Гледанка на Карти с Делина

Крайбрежна Гледанка на Карти с Делина

Аз възнамерявам да гледам на карти цял живот. Усещам го като мое призвание, също както сесиите, но те са за отделна тема, в друга статия. Гледането на карти което правя Аз не е Таро.  

Аз го наричам Крайбрежна гледанка на карти и аз съм избрала три чифтета карти които не са Таро. Картите като цяло са инструмент и аз съм си подбрала три вида които ще ви покажа в тази статия. Таро карти не съм виждала, нито пък докосвала, и не ги знам. Те са изпълнени със символи които после се разтълкуват но при мен се случи друго.  

божествена насока картиАз си купих първия чифт карти веднага щом една от моите учителки ги създаде и пусна за продан. Те се казват Божествена Насока и показват 77 честоти. Работя със тях от 6 години и много си ги обичам. Супер точни са и имат съвсем светло намерение да ни показват пътя. Пътя към божественото и съвършеното. Тези карти са супер цветни и имат различно значение ако ги изтеглим нагоре или наобратно. Имат си малка книжка която през годините се разруши. Вятъра ми открадна няколко страници които след това си принтирах и добавих. Лепилото се разлепи и ходих на обущар да ми завърже страничките. Понеже имат две значения, аз все още не ги знам всичките наизуст и чета книжката.  


Преди две години, 2019, си купих още два чифта карти специално за работа. Единия чифт е Сляпата Точка, а другия е Лековитите Изречения.  

Сляпа Точка картиКартите във чифтето Сляпа Точка се казват Магически Символи и показват тъмната страна на подсъзнанието ни. Те показват това което вече не виждаме защото действа някъде много надалеч във дълбините на съзнанието ни. Всичко което сме отхвърлили и отрекли и вече не искаме да го виждаме, ще се появи когато питам Оракула Сляпата Точка. Да, тези карти са Оракул карти и са 78 на брой. Те няма значение дали излизат надолу с главата. Върху тях има нарисуван Магически Символ и номер, след което във книжката Аз трябва да видя какво означава. Доста са брутални но в днешно време това е необходимо. Всеки който си е чул сляпата точка, ахва защото знае че е вярно. Тъй като се потискат тези неща, само ти самичък или самичка ще си знаеш колко е вярно за теб. Но аз давам пълен вот на доверие на моите Магически Символи.  Тези карти са създадени от същата жена която направи Божествената Насока.  

До колкото знам, още два вида карти ще излязат скоро. Едните ще са свързани със ценностите ни, а другите ще са свързани със Вълшебни Същества. Но, не е Таро.  

Лековити ИзреченияПоследния чифт се казва Лековитите Изречения и е уникален. Този чифт е създаден от друг мой учител, мъж, с когото аз работя от години и му имам пълно доверие. Купих си ги веднага като излязоха и съм супер доволна. Те са нежни и директни, и са 52 карти. Покриват духовното и енергийното лечение през което всеки един от нас преминава. Много ги обичам и ги намирам за прекрасна добавка към другите две чифтета. Имат благи пастелни цветове и няма значение дали са наопаки или нагоре с главата, значението им е все едно и също.  







Крайбрежна гледанка на карти си е мое заглавие и идва от обичта ми към водата, морето и плажа. Пита се един въпрос и се теглят 5 карти. На пример, ако поискаш картите да ти кажат каквото имат да ти кажат просто ей така без нищо конкретно тогава ще ти покажат: 

epigrammatically Текущата ти ситуация 

Какво да правиш 

Какъв ще е изхода

 Лековито Изречение

Сляпата ви Точка

Аз ги синтезирам вместо теб и ти пращам обобщеното съобщение на картите. Това е много на кратко как гледам на карти. Възможно е да имаш конкретна ситуация или интерес за нещо което ти предстои.Аз отново тегля 5 карти но понякога може да са различен брой от различните чифтета. Аз съм нагласена да ги разгадавам и после работата ми е да ви предам съобщението така че да го разберете. 


крайбрежна гледанка на карти

Имам и други гледанки на карти които са описани по-подробно във магазина ми.  

Натисни тук за да идиш в магазина

Аз съм супер щастлива да бъда в услуга на теб и на теб и на всички нас. Харесва ми да използвам този инструмент – картите. Намерението ми беше да поясня че не са Таро. Ако имате въпроси моля ви пишете ми.  

С обич. 

Делина и картите.   

Делина и Картите

Can I hire you for my online business? 

Can I hire you for my online business? 

Can I hire you for my online business? 


A question worth considering and answering is the question of hiring someone to do a job for your online business. There will be times when the answer is yes and there will be times when the answer is no. If you like, we can have a look at some scenarios when I would say ‘yes, let’s work together’ and also examine some examples of times when I would say ‘thank you, but no thank you’.  

Times when I would agree to work with you: 

  • You are ready and willing to improve something about yourself. 
  • Your vision and dream are finally coming to fruition. 
  • You need and want to get things done and be accountable. 
  • You are learning how to love yourself and how to care for yourself. 
  • You want to impress your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or husband, wife. 
  • A desire to learn from someone you like and appreciate has opened up in you. 
  • You need a quick guidance with conflict or dilemma. 
  • You have had enough of dealing with negativity and you have let go. 

In all of these scenarios, you and I will work well together, to move forward into a better quality of life, of being, of feeling alive and replenished 


Other times, I would say ‘thank you, but no thank you’. For example: 

  • You want to be with me but not as your coach or card reader. 
  • You do not show up for out appointments. One time not showing is enough for me to say no thank you.  
  • You sent me naked pictures of yourself, or videos or any other MEME or scam, junk.  
  • You speak badly of me but then you say you are sorry and you want to keep going.  
  • You become or you are abusive and violating my boundaries, being disrespectful. 

These are people I would not want to work with. If I notice that you are like that, I would pray to have the strength to say ‘thank you, but no thank you’. I reserve the right to cancel a coaching cycle or a card reading based on one of these examples.  


The question: Can I hire you for my online business?  

‘yes, you can’. 


I am available to take on my work and I am looking forward to meeting you.  



Robbed and Hot Water 

Robbed and Hot Water 

Robbed and Hot Water  


We go on to sell two lawn mowers on and the same night a guy sends us a text message on Viber. He is speaking broken Bulgarian and his phone number begins with +371 which is Latvia country code. Bulgaria’s country code is +359 and so my boyfriend replies that same night, that the advert is still active. 

At 12:29 am, in the middle of the night, the thief is texting us asking if it’s possible to deliver the two lawn mowers via OLX. They have a discount code. It’s the kind of delivery where the buying organises it and the product gets picked up from your house while they pay for the delivery. They send us a picture with a fake online page explaining how delivery works. 

Next is a conversation about how delivery will happen. We asked what we need to do, should we send an IBAN number or bank details to receive the payment so that we can confirm it afterwards. 

No communication at all, it’s as if we are speaking to someone about one thing, they are speaking to someone about another thing and a great big guessing is going on. We are saying that we have not used this delivery method before, they are saying it will be delivered to his relatives in Bulgaria. They will collect the lawn mowers from their relatives, to where the fake OLX delivery will take them. 

So now, not only is this thief in Latvia, they are also coming to Bulgaria. It’s not going to be an international delivery, it will be an in-country one. We familiarised ourselves with the methods of delivery stated on the official website and still. The image that they sent us came in the middle of the night. The next day we were looking it up and we didn’t compare or contrast. We saw nothing wrong even though the dodgy feeling had started to grow. 

We gave them my IBAN number and our address. Supposedly this is all one needs to send you money and to send you a delivery man to collect the goods. But no. Not in this case. 

Simultaneously as we send them our IBAN number and address, still going the right way about receiving a payment, they send us a link, asking us to process the payment via OLX still. 

On OLX website, we later read that they do not process payments unless it is for advertising your product on their website. It’s the same platform as craigslist for the USA and gumtree for the UK. I am sure every country has them. You can upload images with little description of something you sell. If you are buying, usually, you do a bank transfer or post office payment order or whichever way other than actually sending and receiving money from within the buying and selling platform. 

They send us a link that we click and it says RECEIVE your money. It says that the buyer has already paid for the products and we can receive payment by clicking the button and providing our BANK CARD details. We typed in the long number with the expiry date and the security code on the back. We typed in the amount of money in our accounts because that was also what was asked even though I don’t have a picture of it and then there came the online 3Ds security. 

Neither of us has ever made an online payment with these bank cards. We failed the security checks because we didn’t register to pay online. The thief is telling us he also received a message from OLX telling them that they can not send us the money because we are not registered for 3Ds. 

Previously, they were saying that the money has been sent and we only need to receive it, now they are saying that they can’t send the money because we have no registration for online security. 

I call my bank, and I get registered. I go back and fill out everything, I am receiving all the SMS confirmations, double-authentication, you name it, code after code and then VOALA. 

‘You’ve just transferred 89Euros to WALLET something something.’

From having to receive 70 leva, I authorised a payment for 89 Euros which is around 200 leva which is all that I had in my account at this time. Thank God that my partner’s security was still not registered, his bank did not answer the phone. He had loads more money than me and it would have been absolutely devastating. Once we realised what happened, my partner sat still, thinking… concluding that they still have our bank card details and with those details they can make purchases everywhere as long as the 3D security isn’t needed. He whited out. Using the emergency number on the back of his card, he got it invalidated right away. 

I on the other hand, wrote a dispute letter to my bank, to which they said, NO. I had gone through all three stages of security and therefore they have no right to suspect the transaction. 

So that’s how we got robbed online. Easy peasy, like a piece of cake, or simply by the book. OLX outlines step by step how the online thefts happen and we were subject to each one exactly as written out here. OLX online theft.

One minute I want to take this further to the Peace-making Commission on Payment Disputes and the next minute I feel like a fool, thinking it’s done. My boyfriend says I have paid for a lesson. A lesson that teaches me how to be more careful online. But I say to myself, that this was not right, not just, and I have all the evidence to show them how we were subject to a BY-THE-BOOK-online-robbery. 

I know. 

Let me share with you my prayer:

Let me release my karma with this guy by forgiving him and myself. Free me from anger and resentment. You alone are my complete Source of abundance. My finances are fully wrapped in Divine Order. 






P.S. hot water without a tea bag in it, just on its own, is giving us all the benefits we want before bed and first thing in the morning. It relaxes our chest, it detoxifies our trachea, it sobers us up or wakes us up and we genuinely absolutely love drinking it. If I eat sugar or too much from the bakery, and if I start to feel a little meh… hot water really helps me. It’s a new thing for me, not for my boyfriend, and I thought it’s worth talking about. Sometimes I add a slice of lemon and that makes it all the more refreshing. Cheers with hot water. 


p.s.s. a special thank you to Claudia Mellie who recommended me the book Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver. I took the prayer out from that book. Thank you both.


What can coaching do for me? 

What can coaching do for me? 

This will be a list of all the things I could think of that coaching can do for you. It’s not the full list but it’s a good start. In the end, I invite you to get in touch with me if you wish to discuss coaching for you. For you specifically. So here we go:


What coaching can do for you is 

  • Get you organized in ideas, actions, things you need to do 
  • Get you clarity from small percentage of know what you need to know, to high, in short time 
  • Get you the barriers and fears out the way 
  • Get you closer to your goals, visions or dreams 
  • Get you unstuck 
  • Get you moving again with inspired thoughts and actions that come from that inspiration  
  • Provide an accountability buddy  
  • Help you find your voice  
  • Reflect back where you are in your process and point out which way you need to go next 
  • Provide you with empowerment, self-esteem, confidence and motivation  
  • Give ideas and help you understand your own 
  • Create immediate results for you 
  • Stretch you outside of your comfort zone 
  • Make you feel heard, seen, felt, understood and acknowledged 
  • Get you frustrated only so that you can then get to feel relief as well  
  • Open up possibilities, remind you that everything is possible, get you to see the possibilities  
  • Get you knowledgeable on yourself, how you work or how you function and tick 
  • Point out the obvious so that you see it, face it, accept it and move on with clear action in mind 
  • Balance out your energy so that you feel grounded and present again  
  • Bring you back into connection with your heart space instead of always being in your head 
  • Change your life forever  
  • Change your perspective forever 
  • Make you aware of the things you don’t know, you don’t know 
  • Refer you to psychiatrist, counsellor, therapist, consultant or mentor who will be better suited for your needs if you coach figures your needs are not for coaching.  
  • Connect you back with your inner wisdom, your inner child, your free innocent self  
  • Get you a cheerleader who would celebrate your journey with you 
  • Get you a confidant who would keep your darkest or brightest secrets 
  • Get you a companion who would love and adore you along the way 
  • Get you to realize what is true for you personally and live-in integrity with that truth  
  • Create the life you want and do it your way 
  • Remind you of authentic and grateful living, being and doing 
  • Get you permission to hate, to scheme, to plot, and overcome all barriers in your way 
  • Get you touched on the deepest level 
  • Get your heart beat going again  
  • Get you to sit in the fire or flames of your own consciousness  
  • Get you a breakthrough and a breakdown while holding your hand throughout it 
  • Get you to transform 
  • Get you to heal 
  • Get you to live your life by the art of completion, teach how good it is to complete and begin  
  • Get you to travel  
  • Get you freed from rage, anger, grief and back into passion, drive, creativity 
  • Teach you about context and how to use it 
  • Teach you about the power of the word and how to create new realities with it 
  • Get you to do things in a sequence, one after the other 
  • Help you avoid overwhelm 
  • Clear away your doubts and create a blame free zone for you  
  • Help you express yourself 
  • Show you what it means to be around someone who isn’t judging you 
  • Give you tools that you can use to create or build the life you want 
  • Put you in the company of someone who is stronger than you and therefore you get power 
  • Get you to do things as soon as you remember about them 
  • Get rid of procrastination  
  • Acquaint you familiarize you with the part of you that is a creator by nature  



I think that’s enough for now. You get the picture and there probably is more, like I haven’t even touched on finances yet but for sure coaching can do that for you too. You know, like get you motivated to reach your financial goals.  


I guess the most important thing I wish to get across with this writing is that my kind of coaching, which is creative consciousness coaching, coupled with my kind of personality, which is vibrant and expressive, can significantly help you along your journey of life. I am a proud Life Coach to myself and to my peeps. It would be an honor and a pleasure to be yours too.  


Get in touch





How can having a coaching session with me help you?

How can having a coaching session with me help you?

How can having a coaching session with me help you? 


A coaching session with me can help you alchemise:

  • Procrastination 
  • Lack of motivation
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Low self-worth or self-esteem
  • Stuckness
  • Emotional eating
  • Negative thoughts
  • Doubt, fear and overthinking


Positively, coaching with me, helps you with:

  • Experiencing greater focus, clarity and purpose
  • Improving your performance in all areas of your life, business and career
  • Increasing your power and confidence
  • Eliminating stress and/or worry
  • Provoking breakthroughs
  • Achieving goals you might not reach on your own
  • Being more organised according to ‘first things first’ 
  • Taking control of your own destiny


I am a Creative Consciousness Coach, certified in 2018, practicing since 2015. Previously qualified NLP Practitioner and graduate in Psychology and Computing Bachelor of Science degree. I am an advanced yoga practitioner, having yoga in my life since 2011. My mind is brilliant, radiant, incredible, splendid, mezmeric and super duper creative, genius. MY HEART is in the right place, being loved, cared for, tended to and nourished well. My soul is vibrant and shiny, outrageous and scandalous, sexual, powerful, diva like, goddess-like, queen-like, awake, aware, reborn into an alkaline body, and rejuvenated regularly. My body is toned and firm, it’s brand new, healthy and strong. I am a source of pleasure, inspiration, motivation, wisdom, compassion, love, care, precision, organization, logic, creativity, dance and much more. My whole being is whole, I am wholesome and I am so excited to be your coach. 


Negative or positive, I got it. Light or shadow, I got it. Heart wisdom, intelligence, intellect of the mind, or intelligence of the body, I got it. Experience, I have. Expertise, I am self-love, self-care, self-improvement type of coach. Guidance, signposting, emotional freedom, I got it all for you.  


I have three cats called Mini, Maini and Mo. We had Ini too but she ascended on Christmas 2019. Ini, Mini, Maini and Mo are three sisters and one brother who were destined to go to the field, abandoned there to die. I took them in because I love cats. I love trees too and I hug them as often as I can. The one in this writing is nearby my house and it’s a new find for me. Never hugged it before. I am clean and tidy like you would not believe it. I see sound harmony around me when I put things where they should be. Organising my cupboards from high to low, or according to colour, or perhaps even substance. I paint and I draw. I also read cards for people. I love using my Divine Guidance deck of Frequency Cards. I am also getting familiar with my newest Oracle deck of cards called The Blind Spot. Additionally, I use Healing Mantras from another gorgeous deck of cards. All together, they make a pretty good combination, giving you so much insight, you would not believe it. I mean, the Blind Spot Oracle cards are brutal and they do not go around the bush so you are in for a treat if you get to speak to them. 


I am a coach and I am tarot reader. 


I am excellent at what I do and I put my heart into it. 


The following are some example of what I can help you with, if you take up a coaching session with me: 

  • Empower your family, friends and partners 
  • Getting corporate clients for your business 
  • Overcome your troubles with romantic relationships
  • Find a girlfriend or a boyfriend
  • Go to school online
  • Obtain employment
  • Become a porn star, a poet, an artist, a break dancer or a musician, a write, a surfer
  • Learn how to manifest 
  • Go through the cycle of grief 
  • Learn how to detach or how to have non-attachment-to-outcome attitude
  • Release toxic thoughts and behaviours
  • Let go of resistance
  • Hug change and look forward to it instead of fear it or dread it
  • Stop giving up so easily
  • Become more discipline and get rid of the lack of discipline in you
  • Clear scarcity and lack mentality 
  • Learn how to take the advice of your people
  • Appreciate your support network


And many more. 


If you are interested in my help, talking to me is a good start so then email me. 





tree hugging 2

Teens and Peeps in Their 20’s

Teens and Peeps in Their 20’s

Teens and peeps in their 20’s 


I personally have a nephew who is in his teens and I see them young people in the shops. For example, the girl in the staples shop who naturally is bossy but she has to bite her tongue with customers who are slower than her and less logical thinking then her. She probably struggles with her colleagues who are lazy and don’t think about ordering the shelves such that it’s easier to reach and find what you are looking for. The new generation see how things should be re-organized for ease of use but they are met with a glass wall whenever they try to voice out. May be in countries like Quebec where people have to keep up with the new, youngsters are given a voice and in fact they are invited to share their ideas. But a place like Bulgaria, where no one really cares about the fine details, the young ones are really just getting into anger and being a ticking time bomb.  

Always there will be one dominant caregiver at home, which whom the youngster would be in love with. There is a loving caring connection always between one parent and one child. This connection allows the young people to stay connected to the love within them. Being connected does not solve the problem with getting around in the world, finances and life purpose or achieving this and that.  

Teenagers play games, their minds become sharp, their slang becomes another level, they re-group and re-coop with other teenagers on the other side of the headphones. They communicate with one another through the headphones so practically they are in each other’s heads more than anyone cares to admit. Ive worked in a call center with headphones and a mic before. My customers were literally inside my brain. There will be a division between the world in my head and the world right in front of me. The physical surroundings are becoming boring but the virtual game worlds are becoming increasingly interesting. In the online world everything is fast. In the normal physical world, everything is slow. This contrast is increasingly difficult for teenagers and people in their 20’s to manage. They have zero connection to nature and therefore they have zero understanding or getting that matter is infused with spirit also. I’m talking deep spirituality here, that most of these young people won’t know on a conscious level but 


The key to them finding whatever they want like finances is through connection with nature. Connection with spirit. From the food that they eat to the leisure movies that they watch; it is always a choice.  


And let’s say, someone is spending time in nature and is vegan so they are eating plant based whole foods. At university studying psychology and feeling quite sexy along the way, wanting to be in the company of friends and cute boys all the time. There is no thought about what to do after I finish university. How will earn money, how will I get by in the world. Cos normal job is not it. They would want to be creative and to keep their uniqueness. They would want to travel. And they are not alone. There is so many of them. Competition will be inevitable unless of course, again you turn in and towards nature. Nature is as abundant as the teenagers and their crazy fast minds. There is competition for sunlight and food but there is also harmony and space for everything and everyone. Is the cup half full or half empty. Can you create within so it shows on the outside?  

The bridge.  

They will have to be willing to hit their heads in the wall again and again because the old heavy slow systems are not going to become fast and organized. Persistence is required. All of these virtues need developing, brought to the forefront, voiced out and embodied, day in day out.  

The nature of life has changed for these new generations. They are emotionally awake so they will be processing their s*%& as and when it arises instead of numbing or dumbing or suppressing it down. Some might. A lot of them will reach for drugs and alcohol but some will want to make it happen, to succeed.  

They will educate themselves about debt, taxes and cryptocurrency. They will educate themselves about the journey of the soul. They will tend to their physical and mental body through yoga and meditation. They will employ honesty every single day such that they find their way and they secure themselves finances.  

The ‘gig’ economy. All about hassling, and negotiating and bribing and I don’t know what else. Trying to stand out with greater description and a better video or selfie. Everything is a lot of work.  

Reach out to nature. Constantly, each and every day, given to her the things that you struggle with. Become amazing at identifying what’s what. Your fears, your blockages, and then ask Gaia to recycle them for you. I promise you, soon you will feel ready to go hit your head in the wall again.  

Context and boundaries.  

Once you know the boundaries you can create whatever you want within them. In the gig example, this mean that once you know what you are supposed to do and not do, take time to digest it all and then let inspiration speak. Do not be fooled that this will ever stop. No, it won’t. Today you are in the gig economy tomorrow you are re-branding again. All of your life, the chi force will run through you, and all of your life, it will show up in a different form. There is creation and renewal and then there is erosion and dissolving. You need to be okay with both. The problem with the oldies is that they are not okay with the dissolving, they just run away and hide from it.  

I can only imagine how my nephew perceives his reality when he is on the computer playing his favorite game with his favorite peeps and then he goes downstairs. Oh oh, now he meets mum who is on her phone and dad who is laying on the sofa watching tv. Everything is static. Yaiks. It hurts. This is the fricking brick wall of the other reality. What do you do?  


What do you do? 


You go to them, each of them, and you look into their eyes, and you remind them, that you love them, that they are approved of, that they are accepted as they are and that they are forgiven. You smile at them and receive whatever response they have for you at this time. Their response to your open loving embrace will show you where they are at on their spiritual journey of evolution. It has nothing to do with you. Okay. It has everything to do with the depth at which they see themselves. Now, if you were the one saying I love you to your dad in shows you where u r in your soul’s journey. There is never enough I love you or I accept you or I hear you. All of your life you must return to love first. Love for yourself and then with open heart and relaxed mind you love others. What dad responds to you when you say to him, I love you, is exactly what he needs to hear for himself. You are the universe he is speaking to and through, reaching back towards his own soul. If he said I love you, then you know he is really having the self-love foundation in place too. If he says not now, then you know he is a little disconnected with himself and not you. It’s always about where the other person is at, it is not about you and what you said. If you evoke a reaction that you don’t like, then you get to process dislike. Since you are an emotionally awake and aware being already. You blame no one. You let dislike run its course through you and then you are good to bang your head in the brick wall once again.  

And like that for the rest of your life.  


Context, let’s talk about that for a minute. Think about where are you experiencing your reality from. Are you experiencing the lack of money or gigs from a place of I’m like everyone else and no one will notice me? Can you create something that serves you and empowers you, like I’m either getting a gig or I’m getting time to be with my feelings, both are win win. Or I’m abundant with so much to give that whomever gets my gig today, will be surprised. Context is about your relationship to the experience. It can be conditioned and created by the mass or it can be expansive and created by the self. When you find what works then spend time with it. Consider this question 


What context am I in that creates the experience I have? 


For example, your body is rather static when you play games and it is likely that you will see other people in static positions too. If your physical body is active, always moving around and well-toned, then you are mostly going to see people who are active as well.  

With finding your life’s purpose or with earning money, relationships and achievements, all areas of life can be experienced from a self-created context. Look at the experience you have relative to money and now ask the question ‘what context am I in that creates the experience I have?’. This is a powerful question which I think you must keep alive in yourself all of your life.  


So, let me sum it up. You self-educate on money, economics, debt, taxes and cryptocurrency. You connect to nature asking her to recycle stuff that get you, for you. You identify what you are feeling, fearing, bumping up against and you feel it to completion, then return to your ideas. If you can have it your way…? Voice it out. Learn the boundaries and play within them expansively. You ask the question ‘what context am I in that creates the experience I have?’. You hit a wall, and you start again. Just like the computer games.  

There are those of us out here that want to bridge the old with the new and to help you bring forth the gifts of your soul. You will find us and you will recognize us. Still, though, your job will be to communicate effectively with us, the systems and your peers.  

Please feel free to write to me if you have a question or a topic that you would like me to write so that you read about. I am looking forward to writing about you again, teens and 20’s. 



Silver Lining after Death and How It Attaches to New Embryo.

Silver Lining after Death and How It Attaches to New Embryo.

For the silver lining after death and how does it attach to the new embryo.  


The silver lining after death is actually seen as gold rope attached at one end to the soul that has gone and on the other end to the soul that is still alive. This golden silver ling is the invisible cord of emotional attachment that each one of us has to each other. When someone dies, we miss them, and it’s this gold rope that pulls out of us all the emotions. The new embryo may not even have a silver ling because we are bringing the heaven on earth. There will be no need for emotional pulling after death because the new generations will be emotionally awake. They will process emotional triggers as and when they arise. The older generation simply suppressed their emotions and so when someone dies, they feel so much grief. The new generation will be rather emotionally educated, awake, and wise.  

The silver lining is a term used to explain when somebody you meet who is happy and glowing or perhaps preaching of the way of love. These people are attached to the heavens above with a silver string. They receive their inspiration and words of love through that string. Today though, there is an invasion of divine beings. There is lots of us. There also lots of us who are waking up but do not have a silver line active. In the future, the silver line will be out of purpose because love wins and all sentient beings will live on earth in peace and in love, harmony.  

Right now, with the virus, there is plenty of souls leaving this planet. They each pull out of us emotional golden strings. Those of us who are left alive, feel pain from losing these people. That pain we feel in our hearts is the gold lining. We must feel it, or learn how to feel it and stay in our bodies at the same time. Pain is a master teacher and it comes to all of us so this is one way we can see us as united.  

We want to remember that we are actually heavenly beings on this planet. We’ve come here to learn, to evolve, to bring awakened consciousness to the Earth. Gaia is a living sentient being that is ascending as we speak. She is starting to vibrate at a higher frequency. It’s the 5th dimension or unity consciousness or creative consciousness. We all realize our inherent power to create with our words. It is true that there are souls and beings on this planet that are not well intended. They mean bad things to happen but they are serving a purpose. As long as something has a purpose, it will continue to exist. Their purpose is to create friction and pressure in us, the light bearers. When we direct our light towards healthier, more compassionate way of living, then all will begin to change, very fast.  

The golden lining or the silver lining will not be needed as this transition between the fear and the love takes place. Souls of the future will come and their light body will be on Earth as well. The point is that we are learning how to be emotionally free. When we are free emotionally then we are radiating goodness. Once we radiate goodness towards ourselves and others, then the gold lining will have served its purpose. The silver lining or gold string that connects us to heaven will have merged into the illuminated field around Gaia.  

The gold is inside you and the lining will evaporate into the brightness of the air around you. The silver lining will undergo transformation and the new embryo will come equipped with sharpness and color and sunshine already in-build. The gold line that pulls on our hearts when a soul goes, will no longer need to pull on us because we would be emotionally healed. The dark age of emotional neglect is over. This is the aftereffect. The fog that lasts for a while.  

Until we know ourselves as creators, we are emotionally neglectful. 

To create is to know the power of the word and how to use language to create the reality you really wish to see. this is actually what I have trained in. My coaching practice is based around conscious use of words and becoming a creator first in language. If you like subscribe to my writings (scroll to the bottom of the page) or send me an email.